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How to “Undo” a Delete, Update, or Insert in Netezza

The great thing about Netezza is it does “soft” deletes until the groom process runs.  This means your deleted data is really still there.  This is of course very important if you just deleted something you didn’t mean too.  And … Continue reading

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Efficient Data Upload Method Via External Table

If you ever have tried to upload data to Netezza using convention query tool methods which create individual inserts, you will know this can be EXTREMELY SLOW.  The way to upload data efficiently is to create an on-the-fly external table … Continue reading

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Returning and Saving Large Result Sets Locally

Some of the common SQL Query tools like Squirrel Sql can have issues when it tries to return large result sets.  This seems to be because it needs to hold them in memory.  There are times you need to just … Continue reading

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An Integer Check That Doesn’t Blow Up

Sometimes you load in data sourcing from charactor data into a numeric or integer field.  The challenge is any non-numeric data will blowup your entire SQL with something like an atoi (alpha to integer) error.  You really need to check … Continue reading

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